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Garden Link

MGA members have a fantastic variety of gardens and experience and we share the same climate conditions and work with the full range of local soils. Many members are happy to share their knowledge and experience.
Garden Link allows members to share their experience with someone looking for specific gardening expertise. Garden Link puts another member in touch to tap into your offer. Each party would be sounded out first and we'd also check whether you preferred to be contacted by telephone or email and whether you'd be happy to host a visit in either/both directions.

Offers of help currently available from members are:

  • growing fruit and veg
  • using an allotment
  • perennial borders
  • making a wildflower meadow
  • planting and plant care advice
  • creating a courtyard garden
  • pruning shrubs
  • general expert advice
  • garden ponds for wildlife not fish!
  • permaculture
  • caring for fruit trees
  • compost making
  • gardening on damp soil
  • growing rhododendrons on alkaline soil
  • leaf mould and a worm bin
  • pests and diseases

If you would like advice on any garden topic where we don't list the expertise let us know and we'll put out a call for a Garden Link. And if you are happy to share your gardening experience with other members please get in touch.

To tap into this free resource on your doorstep do get in touch. Simply ring Anna Marsden on 514336 or Lesley Andrews on 540180.